Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Movie

I really loved HBP - the movie. I hated the book but the movie was amazing =) though some parts of it was beyond cheesy like the shoelace scene, it was so puke worthy. But I'm kind of glad they effed up H/G because I hate that pairing.

Tom Felton - star of the movie. He did amazing <3 I loved him in every single scene.


Helena - most amazing actress in HP by far. She is the perfect Bellatrix, its like she was born to play the role.
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H/Hr *squee* moments:

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&& the comforting scene and some more which i dont have GIFs of yet.

Dumbledore's Death: I cried for 15 minutes, way before the killing actually even. I started during when Harry was giving him water, I was sobbing then. And then when Harry brought Dumbledore to the top of the tower and even though nothing had started i was already crying out, then when Draco came I was like wailing, and then during the actual Death I cried sooo much and the memorial I was like balling my eyes out. They did it so well! I cried so much. I actually liked the ending better than the ending of the book and the memorial better than the funeral which is not a common opinion but I dont know why I just did.

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In the end I give the movie a A-

university of toronto, i love you.

I got accepted into University of Toronto yesterday!! I'm soo happyy because U of T has been my dream school ever since forever since I live in Western Canada and I want to move to the west :) and it has the BEST law school in Canada, and law is what i eventually want to go into. So I'm so shocked and happy that i made it!! :D

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I'M SO HAPPY! I'm probably going to frame my letter when it comes in the mail :)

workout & make up for Grad

Ow. Today I worked out for 3 hours. I did everything, ARMS, LEGS, ABS, CARDIO, STRETCHES! It's probably unhealthy to do all in a day but once you start you don't feel like stopping and you feel like you should keep going. I'm not overweight so I don't have a lot of weight to lose, I just want to tone my thighs, abs and legs && lose a little weight on the stomach and hip area for GRAD which is on May 23. So I got 3 months to do this all. I should probably diet too but I don't know any good diets! So for now I'm just staying away from junk food - pop, chips, etc. It friggen sucks but I wanna look amazing in my prom dress. I hope from doing all this workout my D-cup boobs don't fade down a little though. LOL. I want the boobs to stay, just the stomach to go. lol.

I'm excited for Grad! Because it means I'm done with high school and that is the best thought in the world =) and I can hopefully go off to Ontario for university next year. I haven't decided exactly how I want to do my hair. But for make up I kind of know which direction I want to go. this Lebanese singer, she has amazing make up! It's a little bit too much but for grad you can go all out right!? Anyways she is gorgeous! Her name is Haifa Wehbe, and this is her:



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Anywho, she is gorgeous. I'm going to have to test her style of make up on myself before I go get it done professionally but I think it'll be good. plus i'm getting it done at M.A.C.

lol so this post was to complain, excite over grad and save some pictures of Haifa Wehbe for when I go get my make up done.

annalynne mccord

I think I've developed a girl crush on Annalynne McCord (aka Naomi Clark from 90210), she's not very popular amongst most girls opinions cuz she's on 90210 and is dating Kellan Lutz, but I find her simply gorgeous and I love her with Kellan Lutz. I want her hair so bad.



happy valentines day!<3

YAY for my new account! I'm so glad I finally got it. I guess this account was a valentines day gift to myself.

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i'm totally craving chocolate right now. me and my bf are long distance so I don't get any :( boo... but I did get a special wall comment on facebook.

"If I could have just one wish,
I would wish to wake up everyday,
To the feel of your hair in my face,
the warmth of your lips on mine,
the touch of your skin on my fingers,
And the feeling of love, branded in our hearts.
Knowing that I can't find this in anyone other than you"

( L ) he's amazing and that was the perfect thing to show off to my single friends haha jk :P and I will be getting my gift apparently when he gets home... and i'll probably be spending the whole night on webcam so its all good. But I still wish I could have this:

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*sigh* I love them<3